Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Well, almost. This afternoon, decided to give 4,000 flame tree seeds a 90 minute acid wash 2,ooo seeds at a time. Everything was going well on the first 2,000 til the time to drain and rinse. As I lifted my 2 quart pyrex measuring cup to drain the acid off the seeds, the bloody power goes off. @#$$%%^&, I should have know. I shouted at Lian, I need drinking water, now, she hands me a diet coke. No, no, the big blue bottle by the fridge. Everything worked out, but I lost my nerve. Forget about the 2nd batch, let's head for the hill's with the 2,000 seeds we have now
We headed for an area where there are no flame trees, an area that I had all ready decided on many months ago. Every 50 feet or so, a few seeds were cast in no particular direction. How many trees will appear, I have no idea of course. On my germination test, flame tree seeds had a germination rate of 60% to 70 %. In the real world, 10%, maybe. Twenty years from now, will there be a 1,000 flame tree's where there are none now? I hope so. More later.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Returned to Saipan after 77 days on board the MV June T working off shore Guam op the Agana Sewage Treatment Plant project. The stress level had reached level's above the pay scale, which was quite high I might add, however, it was time to go.

Noticed Pete Reyes in lobby of Days Inn with wife. Was carrying a stainless steel double basin sink. Desk clerk asked, why not buy on Saipan. Pete replied, very expensive on Saipan.

Visited with Mike Sablan at airport. Three comments of particular interest. Governor has not acknowledge Mike's resignation effective 3 weeks from now. Mike will turn over to federal agents his files upon leaving office. He agreed with me on my comments regarding some type of bankruptcy/receivership for the Commonwealth and the sooner the better.

More later, cheers, Cap Carl

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Stopped by Genny's place a few minutes ago to pick up photo albums and other stuff. Still wearing her lab coat, Genny followed me to my pickup, wished me the best and a happy birthday as we hugged for the last time. As I backed away, she looked so small and vulnerable . I cried.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008



During the past ten days of swimming, about 15 minutes of swimming from the beach, I have been approached by this male eagle ray. Usually, There is a smaller female following behind. I am convinced they sense our presence and come to us and check us out. Cheers.
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Shallow Depressions


These three depressions, approximately 3 feet across are the result of the pink whip ray foraging in the sand for food. Cheers.
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Location -South Lagoon Saipan. The ray on the left has a 3 foot wingspan. I have had 4 encounters with these ray's over the last ten days. There is a larger ray, approximately 4 foot wingspan that have been unable to photograph. Cheers.
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