Sunday, January 28, 2007

Recurring Thought

Last Monday, went on a recon mission thru the valley west of Mount Tapochoa. I was noticeably paying great attention to the shape, structure, height of the different species of trees. The shape, color, texture of the leaves. The tall grass, the short grass, the different texture of the blades of grass, the different types of underbrush, the color, shapes of flowers, the different odors of vegetation and flowers. The denseness of the vegetation. The difference in topography of the valley, the cliffs, the zillion swiftlets flying overheard. The thought that came to me then and is still recurring, "this is the Garden of Eden". This makes no sense whatsoever, I am not a religious person. There are no snakes, no apples falling on my head, no one wearing fig leaves. I was not a flower child in the 60's and 70's, that rules out flashbacks due to drugs, I think? Should I start chewing betel nut? More later, probably. Cap Carl

Garapan Image

Good evening. An area of concern for me is the image the drainage channel parallel to the street on the South side of Garapan is having on tourist. For the past few months, as I have watched tourist on the sidewalk, it is interesting to see how many walk over to the ditch and take photos. I know they are taking photos of the fish because I ask them. (Yes, I know, I should hand out Managaha literature). I have also noticed individuals with dipnets catching fish and dropping them into a cooking pot. We all know how the muck looks and smells. I see no excuses for waiting on the settling basins and pump issues to be resolved, possibly years, before taking action on the ditch. Does anyone know if that section has been designed? If so, my suggestion is as follows, redesign the channel utilizing concrete decking to conceal the muck and odors that will always be there and to provide for addtional diagonal parking spaces (possibly 30 to 45 spaces) which we all know is needed for Garapan shoppers and employees. The need for the removeable decking is to facilitate periodic cleanout of the muck that will continue to accumulate. Every 11th parking space will be landscaped as well as the DFS side of the parking spaces. DFS personnel should be consulted as to there future developement of the property, however, the "property to be developed someday" should not be an excuse for us to do nothing now. This is not rocket scientist work, just generic civil engineering. Well, maybe a little of "thinking out of the box" is required regarding the removeable decking. Your comments please, as you all know, I do have an open mind to other thoughts. Have a good evening. Cap Carl

Saturday, January 27, 2007


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Have any of you noticed the restaurant trash accumulating in the tree line across the street from Garapan Winchells? I noticed the situation and the cause last Thanksgiving weekend and for the next few weeks made phone calls to government agencies that I thought would have an interest in removing the trash and more importantly the cause of the mess. This past week another pile started accumulating behind the white panel fence about 100 feet south of the corner. The cause of this mess is a homeless person taking trash bags from dumpsters all the way from AMP, south through Garapan, to the Century Travel Agency office. The restaurant managers I talked with this weekend are aware of the individual involved, however, were not aware of the trash acumulation. My suggestion to them is to install padlock on the dumpsters, at least it won't be their trash appearing within the sight of tourist and residents. Alexie, from the Variety, took photos which might appear in the paper next week. I have not brought this issue to the attention of the Beautify CNMI group because I feel this type of issue is not a volunteer group responsibility, though I know they would clean up the mess. A homeless person and his trash is a governmental responsibility, not a volunteer group. Have a good evening. Cap Carl

White Thunderbird.

Remember the old model white Thunderbird sitting on the Beach Road right of way across from the Thirteen Fishermans Memorial for the last three years? It is no longer in sight and the grass under the car has been mowed. Many thanks to who ever is responsible for getting rid of an eyesore. Through the mayor's office for the last two years I have attempted to have it towed, the last request about 6 months ago. Three cheers for the person who got the job done. Regards, Cap Carl


Greetings. Bought the pickup! Most importantly, I have no remorse with the decision. The price of $5,300 was fair, the vehicle met my specifications and I liked the color the first time I looked at it. My friend Dhag, a manager at Pizza Hut, said the color was the same as the color of orange on the A & W Root Beer logo. Hmmmmmm, maybe, however, let's call it metallic copper, which I believe has a more sophicticated ring to it.
I do need to pay attention to my driving. Having driven front wheel drive vehicles for 12 years, I learned very quickly how a p/u with little weight in back handles on a wet blacktop on a downhill curve. Due to quick reflexes I recovered very nicely, I might add.
Again, for the first time in 12 years, I have a radio with a decent sound system. I have found it annoying and have not turned it on for the last 3 or 4 days. Everything considered, I am quite happy with my decision. Have a good afternoon. Cap Carl

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Change

Good evening. Over the last couple of months, I have noticed a change taking place, a major change in my thinking to be specific. Compared to six months ago, quite possibly a 180 degree turn to a much more healthly frame of mind. Over the last couple of months, I am making plans for a trip to the US next September, I have ordered a digital camera that I wanted four years ago and this weekend, I am making a deal on my first ever pickup truck, a low mileage, V6, 4WD, extended cab, Ford Splash, IF, (and a really big IF), the price is right. And, after my trip to Bangalore I will be pain free. Year 2007 is starting out pretty darn good, even if I must say so myself. A big contributor to this metamorphosis is the individual who carries a Jamaican rag when trekking. Many thanks to you my friend. Regards, Cap Carl

Thursday, January 18, 2007

PauPau Project

Good news. The repair of the road culvert in the PauPau parking lot started about ten days ago. Wow, the power of a photo on the front page of a newspaper. Thank you Alexie. The new challenge is to encourage the proper agencies to eliminate the reason for the culvert to washing out in the first place. More later. Have a good day, Cap Carl

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Spelunking & turtle watching
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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Return to Saipan

Arrived Saipan at 0745 Friday. Good to be back. The humidity was noticeably higher than Manila. Hmmmm, I wonder if that is true all the time?
The tour of Corregidor was one of mixed emotions, somber being one emotion for me. I seemed to think a lot of the pain, suffering and heroics of those individuals involved in this event. Interestingly, when we stopped at the Japanese Memorial and Cemetery, no one left the tour bus until someone asked, where is the restroom? Also, our tour guide was most animated and excited when he telling us how many Japanese were killed than during the commentary regarding other sites or events.
The time is 6:10 PM Saturday, estimated tsunami arrival is 6:39. I am going to the harbor to see how many vessels are heading for deep water. More later.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sites of Manila

Still enjoying the sites of Manila. Was able to catch a glimpse of Manila Bay. Tomorrow will be on the Bay, will take a high speed ferry to the island of Corregidor. Today a great day for sightseeing, a fair wind off the bay, low humidity and low temperature. Planning on returning to the beautiful island of Saipan tomorrow night via Guam. If Continental will let me board. Seems to be a question regarding my fitness to fly. I ask, is there a possibility of me becoming a resident of the Phillipines. The agent laughed and said yes, however she would do her best to allow me to board. I have to admit I was struggling to maintain my sense of humor. More tomorrow. Regards, Carl

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

1st Blog

Good morning from Manila. As indicated in the title this is my first blog. I do realize I have much to learn regarding blogging. However, being the easy going, open minded person that I am, this will be another "fair wind" (a nautical term for you landlubbers). More later, Regards, Cap Carl