Sunday, January 28, 2007

Recurring Thought

Last Monday, went on a recon mission thru the valley west of Mount Tapochoa. I was noticeably paying great attention to the shape, structure, height of the different species of trees. The shape, color, texture of the leaves. The tall grass, the short grass, the different texture of the blades of grass, the different types of underbrush, the color, shapes of flowers, the different odors of vegetation and flowers. The denseness of the vegetation. The difference in topography of the valley, the cliffs, the zillion swiftlets flying overheard. The thought that came to me then and is still recurring, "this is the Garden of Eden". This makes no sense whatsoever, I am not a religious person. There are no snakes, no apples falling on my head, no one wearing fig leaves. I was not a flower child in the 60's and 70's, that rules out flashbacks due to drugs, I think? Should I start chewing betel nut? More later, probably. Cap Carl

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