Thursday, February 1, 2007


Good evening. Yesterday, during a moment of mental clarity, I suddenly had the urge to plant a tree during my visit to Bangalore. At the time I did not understand the "why" of doing so. During our Blooger meeting at Java Joes, I mentioned my plans to Cinta. Due to the heartfelt warmth of her comments toward my intentions, I began to understand the reason. Is there a better way to impart the spirit of the BEAUTIFY CNMI movement than planting a tree, especially across borders? Most importantly, Cinta suggested adding the website to a plaque. WOW, I had not thought of that, what a great idea. So, I have a sugestion for those of us who have the opportunity to travel across borders, let's make an effort to leave something tangible behind, such as a tree. It will take a lot of effort. Another thought, in two weeks, I plan on extending the BEAUTIFY CNMI spirit four time zones to the West. At the first opportunity, I hope someone will extend the BEAUTIFY CNMI spirit two time zones East (Hawaii) , or six times zones to the US West Coast. How long will it take for the BEAUTIFY CNMI spirit to meet on the other side of the planet, where might this happen and which direction might the spirit go from there ? Gotta go, Regards, Cap Carl


michelle said...

Great idea! I look forward to many more from you now that you are a "blogger"! Really? Did I just say that? Uncle Pete the Blogger...interesting!

Love ya,

CNMI Blogger said...

Hey, Cap:

Look forward to your launching Project "Spread Beautify CNMI's 'beauty virus' Around the World!" in India. Don't forget to post a picture and e-mail it to me also. :D