Monday, February 5, 2007

Past Weekend

Good afternoon. Many thanks to Thess and Movers and Cinta and her crew for showing up Saturday morning for the replant of about twenty palms washed out over the last four or five months. Sunset, Sunday evening, across from Century Travel, walking South, I and I should say we, replanted about 35 palms. A Grandmother, Mom and three daughters , ages 6, 8, 10, (Brilliant Star School) joined up with me, completing the replant about 8 oclock. Angelo is correct, planting trees is a great way to meet women.
Finishing the replanting, I then pointed out Venus and Mercury which started a new discussion. I find it interesting of the number of Koreans who know the constellations. On the sidewalk, using sand, we laid out the constellations and then looked upward to locate them. The 8 and 10 year old caught on really quick. As we were walking back to there car, I suggested we walk in the water. Mom had a fit when all three girls lifted there dresses up to there armpits. I thought it proper to not a photo, though it would have been a great one.
Speaking of photos, I offered my new S3 to Angelo to take photos. He did take photos, of his new main squeeze, then deleted all of them. Gee thanks, Angelo. He was impressed with the camera.
Almost forgot, Many thanks to the folks for cleaning up the two piles of trash across the street from Garapan Winchells. Again, an example of the power of a photo in the paper. I don't know the staus of the person that created the eyesore. More later, Cap Carl
PS-one of these days, a photo in the paper is going to come back and bite me on the butt. O well, no guts, no glory.


The Saipan Blogger said...

I didn't delete the photos! Must have been someone else.

...and EJ's not my main squeeze...or my minor squeeze...or any squeeze for that matter.


Cap Carl said...

Hi Angelo. I am pulling your leg about deleting the photos and I deleted the Squeeze comment. I do apologize. Carl

CNMI Blogger said...

Hey, Hey, Boys--

Don't let me have to get over there and separate you two! LOL!

CNMI Blogger said...

P.S. Love your pictures, Cap.