Sunday, June 29, 2008


Returned to Saipan after 77 days on board the MV June T working off shore Guam op the Agana Sewage Treatment Plant project. The stress level had reached level's above the pay scale, which was quite high I might add, however, it was time to go.

Noticed Pete Reyes in lobby of Days Inn with wife. Was carrying a stainless steel double basin sink. Desk clerk asked, why not buy on Saipan. Pete replied, very expensive on Saipan.

Visited with Mike Sablan at airport. Three comments of particular interest. Governor has not acknowledge Mike's resignation effective 3 weeks from now. Mike will turn over to federal agents his files upon leaving office. He agreed with me on my comments regarding some type of bankruptcy/receivership for the Commonwealth and the sooner the better.

More later, cheers, Cap Carl