Saturday, January 27, 2007


Have any of you noticed the restaurant trash accumulating in the tree line across the street from Garapan Winchells? I noticed the situation and the cause last Thanksgiving weekend and for the next few weeks made phone calls to government agencies that I thought would have an interest in removing the trash and more importantly the cause of the mess. This past week another pile started accumulating behind the white panel fence about 100 feet south of the corner. The cause of this mess is a homeless person taking trash bags from dumpsters all the way from AMP, south through Garapan, to the Century Travel Agency office. The restaurant managers I talked with this weekend are aware of the individual involved, however, were not aware of the trash acumulation. My suggestion to them is to install padlock on the dumpsters, at least it won't be their trash appearing within the sight of tourist and residents. Alexie, from the Variety, took photos which might appear in the paper next week. I have not brought this issue to the attention of the Beautify CNMI group because I feel this type of issue is not a volunteer group responsibility, though I know they would clean up the mess. A homeless person and his trash is a governmental responsibility, not a volunteer group. Have a good evening. Cap Carl

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