Saturday, January 27, 2007

White Thunderbird.

Remember the old model white Thunderbird sitting on the Beach Road right of way across from the Thirteen Fishermans Memorial for the last three years? It is no longer in sight and the grass under the car has been mowed. Many thanks to who ever is responsible for getting rid of an eyesore. Through the mayor's office for the last two years I have attempted to have it towed, the last request about 6 months ago. Three cheers for the person who got the job done. Regards, Cap Carl

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CNMI Blogger said...

YEAY! How and when did this momentus event happen????!!!! Those of us who have been wanting that eyesore removed are ecstatic! Captain, I believe this is cause for a Beautify CNMI! celebration! Angelo? Steve? Gus? Walt? But, wait--when do you leave for India, Captain? We'll celebrate after your return if we're short on time.

Keep up the great job of blogging! You're WAY ahead of me! (Yes, Walt, I know. :D)