Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sites of Manila

Still enjoying the sites of Manila. Was able to catch a glimpse of Manila Bay. Tomorrow will be on the Bay, will take a high speed ferry to the island of Corregidor. Today a great day for sightseeing, a fair wind off the bay, low humidity and low temperature. Planning on returning to the beautiful island of Saipan tomorrow night via Guam. If Continental will let me board. Seems to be a question regarding my fitness to fly. I ask, is there a possibility of me becoming a resident of the Phillipines. The agent laughed and said yes, however she would do her best to allow me to board. I have to admit I was struggling to maintain my sense of humor. More tomorrow. Regards, Carl


The Saipan Blogger said...

I'm going to make you a T-shirt that says "struggling to maintain my sense of humor"

Looking forward to you coming home!

Walt F.J. Goodridge, The Passion Prophet said...

Congrats, Captain! Glad to see you making your way through the blogosphere! Can't wait to see the pictures of your trip you'll be posting when you get back!